Our studio is a creative environment that helps your team to focus on your challenges and reach important goals in your business. We provide the space and creative thinking tools with a facilitator (if needed), not to mention great food and relaxtion activities.


Studio for digital nomads or just for an offsite

Two respectable old log structures with a studio, café and recreation area – all adapted to provide working space for teams of up to 25-40 people.

Tools for effective creative brainstorming

We know how to generate ideas like a creative genius. We are happy to share with your team the tools, tips and tricks for being systematically creative!

Quality time - memories which will last a lifetime

You can enjoy a unique type of relaxation, close to nature. Perhaps  a canoe or kayak trip on Võhandu River? Or bog shoeing in Meenikunno Bog? Or perhaps just a smoke sauna session?

Creativity needs silence. The world is getting louder. But silence is still accessible!